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4 Creative Ways to Use Security Cameras

Security cameras are primarily used for – well, security but, here are four other ways you can use your security cameras that you might not have thought of before.

Property Maintenance

Is the screen door on the back porch torn off its hinges? You wonder, “How did this happen?” A quick check of your camera footage may reveal the latch is easily rattled open by wind and a big gust of wind caught it and tore it off its hinges. Great. At least it wasn’t vandalism!

Dealing with Nuisance Neighbors

Are you suspicious that your neighbor lets his dogs loose to “go” in your yard? The physical evidence might be there, but evidence on your security cameras is much more concrete! You could send your neighbor video footage from your camera’s logs and the problem might suddenly stop.

Investigating the Bump in the Night

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You’re just about to fall asleep when you hear a noise. Certainly houses themselves can go “bump in the night,” but is it just the wind making the rafters crack and pop, or is it someone breaking in the house? With security cameras, you don’t have to wonder or be afraid. You don’t have to get up and search through the house. Simply, pull up the cameras on your smartphone and see if it’s something or nothing.

Verifying an Alarm

Your alarm monitoring company calls to tell you there has been an alarm. When you get home, you see that the front door is ajar. Sometimes when the door feels like it is closed, the latch can still pull loose. But is that the case this time? Has someone entered the house? You can easily pull up your cameras on your smart phone to review the footage at the swipe of your finger and make sure it is safe to enter your home.

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