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5 Safety Tips for Outdoor Cardio

With the start of the new year, resolutions and goals of a healthier lifestyle lead many to the outdoors for various cardio exercise. While this endeavor has many benefits, your safety is still CSS Alarms & Services top priority. Toward that end, we have compiled the following safety tips to help keep you both active and safe.

  1. Carefully Map Out Your Route

Make sure that the route you take is in a familiar area. And although daylight hours are optimal, sometimes it might not be possible. So, look for a well-lit path. Familiar well-lit paths will make it easier to avoid any road hazards and less likely for you to become lost. Also, it’s best to avoid unpopulated or deserted areas.

  1. Stay Visible

Since we have determined that the best route is in a populated area, make sure others can see you. Wearing bright, fluorescent colors or reflective clothing can help to keep you safely visible. Wearing jewelry, expensive rings and watches can make you a visible target for criminals, so it is best to leave those items at home.

  1. Phones & Friends

While being in a group or with a friend is definitely a wonderful safety precaution. It is not always a feasible one. So make your phone your friend. Your phone’s GPS maps can help you navigate the way. And with CSS Alarms interactive monitoring, your phone can also act as the keys to your home by controlling door locks, garage doors and the alarm system. This service includes a geofence feature that alerts you if you have traveled outside the set parameters without securing your home. This is an excellent way to help ensure a safe environment is waiting for you upon your arrival home. Your phone can allow those you have given permission to, the ability to track you. So make sure you let someone know where you are going and when you will be back.

  1. Mobile PERS

CSS Alarms & Services Inc. offers a wearable personal emergency response system (PERS) with GPS technology. This amazing tool can detect a fall and dispatch emergency services to you, based on your GPS location. This device features two way voice, which allows you to communicate with an operator to state what you do or don’t need. If for some reason you are unable to or can’t answer, authorities are dispatched to your GPS location. It can also act as a panic button to dispatch services immediately if you are hurt or in danger.

  1. Awareness

Staying alert and aware of your surroundings is critical to your safety in any situation, but especially during outdoor cardio. Limiting your distractions is key. While listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks are great for motivation. Those earbuds and headsets are blocking your ability to sense your surroundings. Thus, making you vulnerable to cars, motorcycles, dogs, criminals, etc. This is particularly true during darker hours. When vision is already impaired, the ability to hear becomes imperative and your first line of defense. Make sure to listen to your intuition and use caution in acknowledging strangers while keeping your distance.