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Advancing Your Security with Home Automation

The security industry has come a long way in providing clients with advanced technology in both alarm systems, and by making home automation options convenient and fully integrated into your security system.  Security home automation is the optimal way to enjoy smart home technology.  Using your alarm system as the foundation of your smart home allows one app to completely control your alarm and home automation devices so that they can work together for enhanced benefits.



Interior & Exterior Cameras: These give you the ability to view your home in both real time and also, in recorded clips.  Have you ever pulled into your driveway, unsure of what you might find?  Whether it’s your pets making a mess or your kids not completely following the rules, or possibly fearing a home intruder.  The interior and exterior cameras effectively make these worries disappear and keep you informed.


Video Doorbells:  With a rise in online shopping, more of our purchases are being left on doorsteps.  Which, is pretty much like leaving a shopping bag on your front porch unattended.  Not only will video doorbells let you know when packages arrive; they will also let you know when anyone else comes up to your door.  Essentially, making the video doorbell your home’s personal doorman.

Digital Door Locks:  Eliminate the need for house keys!  These smart locks can allow you to remotely lock or unlock specific doors and alert you when they’ve been opened.  Need to let someone in your home when you are not there or do you have a room that needs to be extra secure?  Digital door locks are the best way to make sure you never say, “the keys are under the mat”.

Smart Thermostats:  Completely control the temperature of your home from anywhere.  This device will automatically respond to various conditions and activities to make sure that the desired temperature of your home is reached, at the times you set.  You can use the savings setting when no one will be home, ensuring a decrease in your electric bill.

Garage Door System:  On occasion, do you forget to close your garage door or leave it open when taking the dogs for a walk, or going for a run?  The automated garage door system eliminates that hassle and worry.  From your app, you can open and close the garage door from anywhere.  It will also send you a notification if you leave the neighborhood with the garage still open.

Lamp Modules:  Walking into a dark home is always an uneasy feeling.  With lamp modules, we can program specified lights to turn on when you come home.  They can also be programmed to turn on in the event that your alarm is triggered.  In addition to you being able to control them through the app.  Lamp Modules are an inexpensive way to make your home more convenient for you!

Being able to program your home and control it remotely, is no longer a luxury enjoyed solely by the super wealthy.  These innovative solutions, to everyday worries, are now an affordable option for your home.

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