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Cameras For Life Program

CSS Alarms & Services is now offering a one of a kind camera program –  Cameras for Life! This innovative approach allows both commercial and residential clients to have surveillance camera systems installed with no up-front costs. Not only does this program eliminate the initial expenditure, it also gets rid of those service call fees for system repairs and replacement parts costs. With Cameras for Life, you pay a flat monthly fee for the camera surveillance system AND service. CSS uses a proactive approach to keep the systems current with equipment, software, firmware and in person maintenance. This ensures that the camera system is performing optimally and limits any downtime. Our experienced technicians also handle all of the scheduled maintenance the NVR’s and cameras require. The Cameras for Life program is designed to simplify and stabilize, not just the cost but also the management of your surveillance camera system.

This program was designed to make the benefits of having a camera system more accessible for both residential and commercial applications. Surveillance camera systems are a huge deterrent to criminal activity. Studies have found that they are responsible for up to a 51% decrease in crimes, dependent upon location. And in the event of illegal activity, camera systems can help the authorities identify the culprits responsible. In addition to being helpful for law enforcement, video evidence is also extremely useful in insurance claim cases and legal liability lawsuits.

We also offer optional 30 day cloud backup on our surveillance systems. This service protects and gives you access to recorded footage in the event that recording devices are stolen, tampered with or damaged due to fire/arson. Recorded events are saved for 30 days on the CSS provided remote cloud server.

Cameras for Life is a program that our lease purchase agreement clients absolutely love. They appreciate the benefits of a top tier camera system, while stabilizing surveillance costs.  The initial large expense or another large expense, when the system needs to be upgraded, is completely eliminated when you continue the service agreement. Because when it is time to replace the equipment, it is covered under the program as well, so there’s no cost for the next camera system. Making Cameras for Life more cost effective, especially as you move into 2nd and 3rd generations of camera systems.

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