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Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Nashville Save Lives

blog-thumb-cssalarms-051915If you’re searching for alarm system companies in Nashville that provide carbon monoxide detectors you’ve come to the right place! It’s called the “Invisible Killer” for a reason. Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that we as humans cannot detect until dizziness and illness kick in. Sadly, those senses kick in too late sometimes and tragedies happen.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Nashville Alerts Homeowner

One of our newest Nashville alarm system clients just finished building a beautiful home in the Belle Meade area. They had only been there two weeks when their monitored alarm system sounded the sirens. The homeowner ran to the keypad to see what the issue was – the keypad clearly read “Master Bedroom Carbon Monoxide Detector”.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Activate Quick Emergency Response          

Our monitoring station called seconds later and confirmed that the master bedroom carbon monoxide detector was activated. Our central station operator quickly dispatched the fire department. The family rounded up their three young children and headed outside into the fresh air to wait for the heroes from the fire department to show up. The firemen showed up promptly and confirmed with a professional carbon monoxide meter that the house had very dangerous levels of the deadly gas.

Multiple Carbon Monoxide Detectors Protect Nashville Home

They traced it all the way back to the garage. A faulty golf cart battery and charger had malfunctioned causing an extreme amount of carbon monoxide to be emitted. The gas which rises with the heat, traveled from their garage via their home’s HVAC system vents. It then traveled all the way across their home (bypassing another CSS carbon monoxide detector as the gas was contained in their vents) until it exited their vents inside their master bedroom.

Luckily, the homeowners had a monitored carbon monoxide detector placed right outside the room. The alarm system detector did its part and alerted the homeowners onsite with a blaring siren and of course, alerted our monitoring station to get them emergency help in the most efficient way. Helping this young family and their kids stay safe and healthy is why we do what we do at CSS. What could have been a terrible tragedy was instead a thirty minute visit from the local fire department.

A very thankful family. A very proud day at CSS!

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