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6 Benefits of CCTV Systems for Businesses

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring is one of the most common forms of surveillance available today. CCTV systems for businesses are easy to maintain, inconspicuous, and more cost-effective than many other security solutions. So, consider the following six benefits, and see if CCTV is for you.

Deter Burglaries

Experts believe that business could avoid about 67% of burglaries by installing CCTV systems.

Monitor Business Security Cameras Remotely in Real Time

CCTV Systems for BusinessesWith technological advancements, you can easily monitor CCTV from a remote computer or from mobile phones or tablets. It’s no long necessary to have a person onsite monitoring the camera feeds.

Improve Employee Productivity

It’s a fact that employees tend to work harder if someone is monitoring them. However, in addition to corrective measures, you should also use CCTV monitoring for positive feedback. For example, use it as a way encourage employees for their good work.

Stop Sexual Harassment

CCTV cameras also can serve as a strict deterrent of a sexual harassment. At the same time, it provides your employees with the feeling of a safer workplace.

Improve Customers’ Shopping Experience

If you have a retail outlet with point-of-sale advertising , CCTV cameras can show what works and what doesn’t by observing customers’ behaviors.

Monitor High-Risk Areas

In an industrial setting, CCTV can monitor high-accident locations or locations where dangerous chemicals, prescription drugs, or goods are in use. This eliminates the risk of having a person physically oversee the area and allows life-saving measures to be taken immediately in case of a mishap.

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