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Why Nashville Chooses CSS Alarms for Home Security Systems?

You feel secure in your neighborhood. It’s peaceful, the neighbors are polite, and nothing disturbing ever happens. Then one day you go out to your garage and see that your tools have been stolen. Upon investigation, you find out that all your neighbors have been burglarized as well. Your feeling of safety suddenly vanishes. This is the moment that you know you have to do something to feel safe again.

Feeling Safe Again

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One of the best things you can do, to insure the safety of your home and family, is to install a home security system. CSS Alarms is a local company that provides alarm systems and alarm monitoring in Nashville and the surrounding areas. We can install new security systems or convert an existing system that is currently present in the home.

When you call CSS Alarms about a home alarm system, we don’t send a generic sales representative to meet with you. The owner of our company, Justin Kraus, will personally come to your home in order to discuss your concerns and suggest available options with you. He will then do a house walk through with you to survey possible vulnerabilities unique to your home. Before he leaves, he will give you a detailed line-item quote, including additional features that are available.

We Can Meet Your Needs Quickly

If you decide that you want to be a part of the CSS family by having an alarm system installed, our office administrator will call you, the same day you approve the quote, to schedule a date that works best for you. We can generally schedule the work to be done within one business week.

The End Is Just the Beginning

The completion of your home security system installation is not the end of our relationship with you. Our focus changes from providing you with the best installation to providing you with the best customer service. We know that keeping you as a customer is easier than finding a new one so our customer service & support is a priority for us.

When you call our office, one of our employees will actually answer the phone and assist you with any services you may need or questions you may have. After hours you will reach our 24/7 on call answering service, who will be able to page a technician to assist your life safety issue. We will also be proactive in keeping you informed with our newsletter and other specials running through social media avenues.

No Contract Home Security Systems Nashville Can Trust

At CSS Alarms, we do not require a contract for our on-going services. We believe that our relationship with our customers is the key to our success, not long-term contracts.  We want you to stay with us because you WANT to not because you are locked in to a contract.