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Custom Alarm Systems in Nashville Designed for YOU

CSS Alarms & Services is focused on the individual security needs of our clients. That’s why we’re considered one of the premier providers of custom alarm systems in Nashville, TN.

We take the time to look at not only your space and what it takes to properly secure it, but also ask you about your lifestyle, your concerns and the home automation options that will add convenience to your daily life. As a leading local provider of custom home security systems, this focus is what sets us apart from the insurgence of generic one size fits all systems that have recently flooded the security industry.

custom alarm systems Nashville custom home security systems

The prepackaged DIY, one size fits all systems, have several inherent disadvantages. The prepackaged security system is not designed for your individual home or business. To completely secure a space, you need a professional to be onsite and walk the property. It would be very easy for a person, who does not design security systems every day to overlook certain areas or access points or to make design mistakes like aiming a motion detector at a glass sliding door.

Leave Custom Home Alarm Systems to the Professionals

Another area of concern, is when it comes to the DIY installation. There are certain jobs that should be left to professionals, and we here at CSS, see your safety and security as one of these jobs. Professional security installations ensure that the system devices are placed in the correct areas and that it is working and communicating properly. This is done by state licensed and highly trained full time employees of CSS.  Not to mention the technician then personally walks you through how to operate the new system. Thereby giving you peace of mind and saving you quite a lot of time and frustration.

And should an issue arise, CSS Alarms is simply a phone call away, as we have been for 37 years. With local office support and 24/7 on call technicians, CSS is designed for you. Because to us, you are a person in our community and not a kit number.

DIY alarms are an excellent business model for the people selling them  – one of the best this industry has seen.  However, the end product and experience for the homeowner suffers because of this model.