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Fires are Faster Than You Think! Watch This!

It’s scary to imagine the dangers lurking in the holiday decorations that trademark this joyous season, but for the safety of our loved ones it’s best to be informed and protected.  In this regard, CSS Alarms & Services can help you rest assured in the safety of your home by installing monitored smoke detectors.

Chances are, that unless you already have monitored smoke detectors, you have the wrong kind.  Approximately 90% of the smoke detectors installed in our homes are “Ionic”.  These smoke detectors are not designed for residential fires but rather for industrial applications.  “Ionic” smoke detectors have been found to have a greater delay in smoldering fires which is exacerbated by airflow, resulting in a delayed warning.  In fact, according to the (IAFF) International Association of Fire Fighters, the recommendation has been made to switch any residential “Ionic” smoke detector to the “Photoelectric” smoke detector, which was designed for residential fire detection.

It is highly recommended that your home have “Photoelectric” monitored smoke detectors located in each bedroom, outside of sleeping areas, in other living spaces and on each level of your home.  The smoke detectors in your home should also be interconnected, which means if one is set off they all will sound.  In addition, it is also highly advised that your residential smoke alarms be replaced every 10 years.  According to recent statistics, working smoke detectors decrease the chances of being a casualty to a home fire by more than half; two-thirds of deaths in residential fires happened in homes where properly functioning smokes detectors were absent.

If the smoke detectors in your home are not monitored by an alarm company or you are unsure of their age or simply need additional smoke detectors installed, CSS Alarms & Services is here to help.  Please contact us and we can survey your home and make recommendations on its comprehensive safety and security.

Being aware of potential hazards can prevent major disasters.  These are a few fire prevention safety tips to help your home stay merry and bright.

  • Christmas tree should be at least three feet away from any heat source
  • Candles should be at least 12 inches away from anything flammable
  • Don’t burn tree branches or wrapping paper in your fireplace
  • All outdoor light connectors should be off the ground and away from metal gutters
  • Inspect your holiday lights and throw out any strands with frayed or pinched wires
  • If purchasing a real Christmas tree, make sure it is freshly cut and water it daily
  • Turn off outdoor and indoor electrical decorations when leaving home or sleeping