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Where To Install Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras can provide great safety for the home. They give you an “extra set of eyes” on your property. But to be effective, you need to select the right locations for the cameras. Of course, your budget and the layout of your property will determine how many cameras you install.

Should Your Security System Be Professionally Installed?

At CSS Alarms, the high-quality security systems Nashville residents expect are exactly what we install. And they do require professional installation. We know there are so many DIY cameras on the market that it can make your head spin. That’s why we consult with our clients and custom design their systems, including placement of the cameras. So, give us a call for a quote.

The Best Places to Install Home Security Cameras

The best places on the exterior of the house include:

  • Front Door
    This allows you to see who goes in and out and also shows your deliveries.
  • Back & Side Doors
    Other doors locations are just as important to know who goes in and out, especially if one of them is as much as the front door. Back and side doors are more hidden from view and are especially tempting to intruders.
  • Garage & Driveway
    Garages are a one of the weakest entry points to your home. A camera at this location also keeps an eye on cars and other things stored in the garage, such as bikes, tools, and sports equipment.
  • Yard
    Monitoring the yard watches any one that may have bad intentions and anyone who vandalizes your property.

On the interior*, the best places include:

  • Common Areas
    This includes the kitchen, living room, family room, and game room. Consider prioritizing any rooms that have large ground-floor windows — that way you can see if anyone tampers with them or uses one as a break-in point.
  • Main Stairway or Hallway
    Cameras in these locations make it difficult for someone to move through the house undetected.

*Note: At CSS Alarms, we rarely install interior cameras for our residential clients, except for elderly parents that require in-home care/nursing, special needs children, or for people who like to see what their pets are doing.