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Home Security System Components and Functions Defined

As a Nashville home security system company, one of our most important jobs is educating our clients. We never assume that clients will understand all of the industry terms we use and functions they perform. That’s why we take the time to educate our clients and explain the importance of the components that go into a security system.

Below are a list of 8 security system components and the important functions they perform:

The Key Pad
A burglar alarm system control panel is a wall-mounted unit where the detection devices and wiring of the alarm system are connected and managed. At CSS Alarms we educate our clients on how to operate their control panel and we have real live employees just a phone call away and ready to help.

Door & Window Sensors
Door and window sensors provide an automatic notification (usually in the form of a double beeping sound) when a door or window is opened.

Motion Sensors
Motion sensors are installed inside the home and are particularly important when you are away and the home alarm system is armed. These sensors alert the security system to movement inside of the home.

Alarm Siren
These devices are programmed to emit screeching, ear-splitting noise in the event of a break-in and scare away potential thieves.

Glass Breaks
Glass breaks listen for the specific sound that is generated by breaking glass. Sensors generally have a range of about 20 feet which means that one sensor can “listen” to a lot of windows in one room as long as no doors or walls are blocking the sensor. This technology is great for large rooms like kitchens or family rooms with sliding glass doors.

Alarm Monitoring Services
Alarm monitoring services are a 24/7 service that is constantly monitoring your security system to deploy the police or fire department to your home in case of a break in or incident. CSS Alarms prides itself on providing what we feel is the best alarm monitoring Nashville has to offer. Plus, we NEVER force you to sign a contract.

App Based Monitoring
This online application allows you to check the status of your alarm or arm and disarm the alarm remotely from your Smartphone (iPhone, Android) or computer. This is particularly helpful to our clients with assistants, housekeepers, babysitters/nannies, etc.

Yard Signs & Window Stickers
People often think yard signs are advertising for the security system company. However, security yard signs are a great deterrent to would be burglars because the posted signage indicating the presence of a security system can discourage intruders.

The Right Fit For Your Budget

Our home security systems can be customized to meet the needs of your home. Finding the right mix of components for protecting your home depends on the amount you can invest versus the protection you need.

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