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What to Look for When Shopping Nashville Alarm Companies

Not all Nashville home alarm companies are the same. We believe that when you are shopping for home security systems in Nashville, the qualities you find at CSS Alarms & Services are the ones you should be looking for. Here are some things that set CSS Alarms apart from other Nashville alarm and security companies.

Three Types of Nashville Alarm Companies

Nashville alarm companies generally fall into one of three categories:

  • a national company that requires contracts
  • a local company that does not require a contract
  • a cut-rate company

CSS Alarms falls into the second category. By offering just the right mix of cost, value, support and service, we want to earn your business instead of binding you with a contract or tempting you with a low price that provides a low level of quality and service.

Over 30 Years in Business

CSS Alarms is also one of the Nashville alarm companies that is locally- and family-owned. We opened our business in 1984. This vast experience means that we are uniquely qualified to provide you with a comprehensive approach to security. Whether you need security for your home or your business, we have the experience to design and install a system that is just right for you.

Cutting Edge Equipment

Security equipment is not just about deterring intruders any more. For example, the alarm monitoring equipment that we use also can monitor smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Our monitoring systems do not require a landline. And they have the ability to send notifications to your smart phone or tablet and monitor. Learn more about our Nashville Alarm Monitoring equipment.

Customer Service

Our motto is “Treat your customers right – at any cost.”  Give us a call at 615-356-2101, and you will have an opportunity to experience our outstanding customer service first hand. We are looking forward to your call.