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Security Alarm Monitoring – Do You Need It?

A security alarm detects an intrusion or unauthorized entry into a building, such as a home, school, or business. But alarm systems aren’t just for alerting you that a burglar is trying to break in. They should be able to deter an intruder as well. Thanks to modern technology, security alarm monitoring can do this for you.

There are, however, alarm systems that are only “local alarms.” They do not have a monitoring feature. They simple sound an alarm if there is a breach. CSS does not install local alarms. We only install security systems that we monitor. This provides that best protection for your home or business. Give us a call today for more information.

Features of Our Security Alarm Monitoring

security alarm monitoringAlmost all modern security systems have a digital app that provides remote access to the user. Our systems allow you to arm or disarm your system when you are not there using an iPhone, Android, or Internet-connected computer. We also provide free over the phone troubleshooting of your alarm system during normal business hours.

With CSS Alarms, we have a team of people who are always ready to respond when your security system sends out an alert. They reach out to you or call the proper authorities as necessary. With our Interactive monitoring you can also receive text notifications each time the alarm is armed, disarmed, or activated. This provides you with a convenient way to know when your premise is being entered or exited.

CSS Offers No Contract Alarm Monitoring

To meet the needs of your budget, CSS provides Nashville alarm monitoring with no term contracts (for traditional accounts) and no monthly increases. To get the best security system and alarm systems, give us a call today.  The alarm systems and security systems that we install are covered by a one-year parts and labor warranty.