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Surveillance Cameras are Not Always About Security for Nashville Business Owners

Security cameras are widely used by business owners in Nashville as a deterrent to theft and protection against property damage. While security cameras and surveillance equipment certainly offer security and protection, they can also provide businesses with a host of other benefits ranging from loss prevention, to liability protection, to an improved quality of life for business owners.

Loss Prevention – Security Cameras Help Protect Against Theft

No one ever expects their business to be the target of theft or unexpected damage, but much like carrying insurance, security cameras help businesses prepare for the unlikely and the unexpected. Loss prevention is one of the more obvious benefits of having security cameras on your business site.

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Security cameras are a tried and true deterrent for customer theft. The presence of security cameras will allow you to monitor customers who are in and around your business. Thus, allowing you to have an extra set of “eyes” on customers and encouraging them to think twice before stealing.

While customer theft is an important security issue, most business losses actually occur via employee theft. The mere presence of a security camera system will discourage employee theft, thereby keeping them accountable to your business standards. Furthermore, security cameras can even encourage increased employee productivity.

Liability Protection – Security Cameras Provide Visual Evidence

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age when frivolous lawsuits are commonplace. It’s important for businesses to protect themselves from these types of legal battles by providing visual evidence that can dispute and even prevent dishonest claims.

In instances where employees or visitors to the business claim to have incurred an injury or experienced an altercation, security cameras provide hard evidence that can help protect the business. Also, security cameras are a tool for businesses in resolving employee related disputes.

Improved Quality of Life for Nashville Business Owners

Owning a business often means spending a lot of time at your place of business. It’s important to be able to monitor your business and keep tabs on employees and security. However, it’s impossible to be present 24-7. We provide security cameras Nashville business owners can count on, giving owners the ability to be aware of every day activity while tending to other pressing matters, or even going on vacation.

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Not only can you monitor the security cameras from off-site, but the mere presence of cameras will encourage employees to take responsibility for keeping the business running to your standards.

What to Expect with CSS Alarms Security Cameras

CSS Alarms has over 30 years of experience in the security industry. We take the time to understand your business’s individual needs in order to design a system that is just right for your business. Owner, Justin Kraus will personally visit your place of business and do an on-site walk through of the property with the business owner to assess your specific needs.

He will also make suggestions regarding potential camera positioning or ideal placement locations, considering elements such as the sun, which can cause damage to the camera or cause a glare. He will also suggest the appropriate number of cameras necessary for your site and develop a proposal that includes an upfront cost for the entire project, including installation of all equipment and full training on how to use and view your cameras via smartphone, tablets and computers.

If you’re interested in protecting the safety, security and standards of your business and lifestyle, contact CSS Alarms today to request a free quote.

About CSS Alarms

CSS Alarms is a local security company serving Nashville for over 30 years. We specialize in home security systems, alarm monitoring, CCTV and a variety of specialty services. Contact CSS Alarms at (615) 356-2101 for more information on our Nashville security camera services.