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The Central Station: What is it & How does it protect you?

A central monitoring station is a 24/7 alarm monitoring center designed to quickly respond to alarm events at any time. Staffed with highly trained operators, following trusted and efficient procedures, they are able to immediately react to various alarm situations. Their primary responsibility is to confirm the safety of those they monitor and to request the dispatch of appropriate agencies, when needed.

CSS Alarms & Services proudly uses Affiliated Monitoring as our central monitoring station. As the leading provider of life safety monitoring services in the United States, they set the industry standards. Their world class geographically diverse monitoring centers are UL listed and TMA Five Diamond Certified, to not only meet but exceed the stringent criteria needed for security reliability. Their team of knowledgeable and courteous care specialist are all TMA Level 1 certified, ensuring excellence in the customer service provided to our clients.

The role of the central monitoring station during an alarm activation begins when they receive an alarm signal from the client’s alarm control panel.  They will then call the first phone number listed for the account and if unanswered, they will then try the second phone number.  The first and second phone numbers are often referred to as verification calls.  Because, at this point the authorized user can either verify everything is fine by giving their passcode/codeword or verifying the need for dispatch. However, if both calls are unanswered, the operator will call the appropriate agency (police, fire or medical) to request dispatch.  After a dispatch call has been made, the operator will then try to contact the other phone numbers provided for the account.  This is often referred to as a call list and can be family members, neighbors or anyone that might have access to the alarm system.  Additionally, if your alarm system was set-off and you did not receive a call, you can contact Affiliated Monitoring directly at 1(800)434-4000.

So, in order to best serve you, please contact CSS Alarms & Services if any changes need to be made regarding the phone numbers or contacts listed for your alarm system. You can also contact us to request a temporary change to the calls made during times you might be away. If you have any questions, CSS Alarms & Services is here to help. You can reach the office Monday – Friday from 8am to 4pm at 615-356-2101.

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