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Why Commercial Properties Need Access Control, Not Just Lock & Key

For far too long, businesses have relied solely on the traditional lock & key systems to secure access to their commercial properties. But keyed door locks no longer meet the needs of current business owners. Which is why, access control systems are rapidly becoming the standard. So, what does an access control system offer that traditional locks don’t?

Access control systems provide a higher level of security, increased control of accessibility and convenience for commercial property owners.

Access control systems assign every user a card programmed specifically for that individual. Allowing the system to provide immediate detailed event logs of entry/exit activity by date, time and user accessing each area. The ability to tailor the cards to the user also creates more security options. The card be programmed to only access certain areas, or only allow access during certain times. Thereby, giving another layer of additional accessibility security to the property.  The door locks can be programmed to automatically lock or unlock and stay open, at certain times. Such as a main door being programmed based on business hours. Access control systems are customized to reflect the specific security and access needs of each property.

With a traditional door lock, everyone is given the same key and that key will work at any time. So, anyone in possession of that key, has access to the property. Which creates one of the biggest headaches regarding commercial access. Because what happens when a key is lost or stolen? All of the locks will need to be repined and new keys issued and distributed to everyone. Which is definitely a hassle. Also, the ease in which keys can be copied is highly concerning when it comes to protecting a business. With access control, a single user’s card access can be revoked instantly without disrupting other users. And an access control card cannot be copied at a home improvement store kiosk.

Businesses today, need access control systems and CSS Alarms & Services Inc. is here to help. We can perfectly design a system based on the size and level of security your commercial property needs. And if used with our cameras for life program, we can integrate the systems together to create a recorded video history of all entry/exit events.