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The Best Wifi Network and Wifi Extender Nashville Has to Offer

Do you currently love your home Wi-Fi? Or like so many of us, find that the signal is much weaker in certain areas of your Nashville home or that there are entire dead spots and you wish you had a wifi extender, or a new Wi-Fi network altogether.

The Complete Wi-Fi Solution to End Your Frustration

CSS Alarms & Services provides the perfect solution to eliminate this frustration.  We are now offering the best Wi-Fi network on the market to both extend and amplify the coverage of your home.  And, we back it up with our trusted support.

wifi extender nashville

One of the biggest issues with home Wi-Fi can be multiple devices on the network at the same time; causing buffering and dramatically slowing down the internet speeds at times you need them the most.

For example weekday afternoons, during homework time when you have multiple children needing access. Or on weekends, when everyone is home and multiple devices are streaming videos and you end up watching more of the spinning wheel than anything else. This system offers a robust coverage and is self-optimizing, to meet the demands of your family with a lag-free performance.

How the Wi-Fi Network Works and Extends Coverage to Your Home

This Wi-Fi network forms a “mesh” style coverage over your home to ensure that the house is completely covered.  This systems sleek design also features a touch-enabled LCD screen that displays the time, data usage, and current upload and download speeds used on your network.

Our technicians will professionally install the Wi-Fi “mesh” system, making sure that the programming, location and calibration is optimal for your specific home.  And as always, CSS Alarms & Services offers you professional phone support and network administration on this system.  In addition, to providing onsite service should that ever be required.

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