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5 Benefits of a Custom Alarm System Franklin, TN Residents Can Count On

You’ve decided that simply locking your home’s doors and windows might not be enough protection for your family. Now the question is, “Should you get one of the basic boxed solutions?” Once you see the limited options and the do-it-yourself instructions, you might want to look elsewhere. CSS Alarms provides a custom alarm system Franklin homeowners can count on for reliability and ease of use.

In this blog, we will explore five benefits of a custom system for your home.

custom alarm systems Franklin TN custom home security systems burglar alarms1. The Alarm System Design is Specific to Your Home

When you buy a custom alarm system, a security expert consults with you to design the system so it meets the needs of your home and family. All options are available, from cameras, to class break detection, to flood detection.

2. Experienced Home Security Technicians Install the System

Instead of installing a boxed solution yourself, you can let the experienced technicians install every device. You won’t have to worry about broken or missing parts either. And, finally, you can depend on them to test the system to make sure it is operating properly.

3. The Security System Can Protect Against More than Crime

With a custom alarm system, you can add features and devices to protect your home and family from:

  • Fires
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Flood

Additionally, with modern wireless system technology, you can also connect to various home automation devices, such as:

  • smart lights
  • smart locks
  • doorbell cameras
  • smart thermostats
  • smart garage door openers

4. Home Insurance Premiums May Be Less

Many insurance companies offer a premium discount on homeowner’s insurance if you have a professionally monitored security system. Intrusion alarm systems that also detect fire, smoke, and water generally qualify for even higher discounts.

5. The System Is Adaptable in the Future

Everyone knows that technology is always changing. With a customized alarms system, there is room to upgrade as well as add on new devices.

The Best Custom Alarm System Franklin TN Has to Offer

We specialize in both home and business alarm systems, and we are ready to help you design a system to meet your exact needs. Call us today at (615) 356-2101.