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Vacation Like a Pro With These Home Security Tips While You’re Away

Vacation is your time to get away from it all and relax.  CSS Alarms & Services is here to help protect the home you leave, so you can disconnect from stress and worry. If you want to vacation like a pro check out these home security tips while on vacation that you can use to keep your home more secure.

Interactive Alarm Monitoring

Interactive alarm monitoring can be a traveler’s best friend.  And combined with home automation devices, your home can outsmart burglars on the prowl.  Interactive monitoring alerts you to activity in your home and the ability to control and respond, through integrated home automation devices.  Ensuring that you stay connected, no matter where you decide to vacation.

For example, if you are expecting a package while away, an integrated doorbell camera alerts you when the delivery person arrives.  You can then speak directly to them and ask that they leave the package inside after you unlock your digital door lock.  Then simply lock it after the package is inside.  Packages, mail and newspapers piling up are a beacon to criminals that your home is unoccupied.  So, make sure to stop newspaper deliveries and fill out a mail hold form prior to your trip.

Make Your Home Look Occupied with Integrated Light Modules

Another way to make sure your home looks occupied is with integrated light modules. You can effectively give the appearance of being home by remotely turning on different lights at different times.  Burglars are less likely to target occupied homes over unoccupied ones.

Interactive monitoring with Nashville home automation is also perfect for those with house sitters or pet sitters.  Interactive exterior and interior security cameras connect you to live and motion activated recorded views of their arrival and departure times; and their activity while in your home.  Allowing you to verify the alarm status and reassuring you that everything was well taken care of.

Don’t Forget Your First Line of Defense

While you’re away, a home alarm system is the first line of defense against home invasions.  So, make sure that your alarm system is advertised with yard or mailbox signs and alarm stickers are placed on windows and doors that are accessible entry points to your home.  As a CSS Alarms & Services client, if you are in need of alarm signs or stickers, please call our office at 615-356-2101 so we can get those to you at no cost.

CSS wants to make sure that you can relax and unplug while on vacation.  Because you have the peace of mind, in knowing that your home is secured.  We can keep you effortlessly connected and in control 24/7, from anywhere your travels takes you.  And when you get back home, you will never have to wonder what you are walking into.  Complete home security from anywhere at any time, is a few clicks of an app away.

Call CSS Alarms & Services today to prep your home for your upcoming time away!